#Catholic #Pedophile With HIV who Raped 30 Children Forgiven by Church

The Catholic so-called sacraments are a heresy. they are NOT a means to get to know God or to gain salvation.
Please feel free to desist from deceiving yourself & others.
The Scapular is a Heresy and has nothing to do with Scripture and of course, mary never mentions it in the Gospels.
Mary is not God & She is certainly NOT an intercessor nor a Mediator.
You need to repent and leave that disgusting Catholic cult,
The Whore of Babylon.
Thank You.

The Deadly Christian Cult

Catholic Church absolved priest after who faces no criminal charges for raping young girls under 10
By: Jay Greenberg  | @NeonNettle on 2nd May 2017 @ 5.51pm
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© press The priest won’t face criminal charges for raping 30 children 
A Catholic Priest has been acquitted by the church after admitted to raping almost 30 young girls aged between 5 and 10-years-old.
The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was cleared of any wrong-doing and won’t face any criminal charges, despite the fact that he knew he was infected with HIV when he sexually abused all the children he admitted to raping.
The mother of one of the priest’s victims wrote a letter to The Pope asking to meet with him in Rome to discuss the case, but was shunned by the Vatican who declared that “the matter is closed”. 
Ataulfo admitted to sexually assaulting well over two dozen children, many of whom were indigenous young girls…

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Please do not use references from anything other than KJV / AV_1611. Thank you.

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